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Analog Voltage Variable Phase Shifter Module

This family of drop-in size phase shifters offers a 225 degree (min.) phase shift at 20 volts (max.) control voltage in various bands from 6 to 16 Ghz. They are available with field removable SMA connectors so that they can be used either as stand-alone phase shifter or installed into printed circuit boards as part of a test & measurement radar system. These phase shifters are particularly well suited for intermodulation canceling and other phase cancellation and phase comparator systems where digital phase shifters aren’t as flexible and where very precise phase control is needed for optimum performance. Typical X-band Specifications: Freq. 8-12 Ghz, 5 dB max insertion loss, excellent flatness, VSWR (I/O): 2.0:1, DC control 0 to +20V, Controlled Current 5mA. Size .50 (12.7) x .78(19.71) x .22(5.59) inches/(mm). Click HERE for Data Sheet.