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ESD AutoDetect Amplifier

Microwave Solutions, Inc. is introducing this low-frequency amplifier operational from 225-400MHz with a built-in ESD protection device, RF input power AutoDetect threshold turn-on-circuit and an integrated filter to attenuate adjacent or harmonically related signals. When the RF signal applied to the RF INPUT connector exceeds 0 dBm (+/-2dBm), the internal AutoDetect threshold circuit turns on the bias to the RF gain stages and also toggles the state of an internal Field Effect Transistor. Hysteresis is approximately 1 to 3dB, once the amplifier is toggled by the applied RF level crossing the threshold level, the amplifier won’t again toggle unless the threshold is again crossed by an additional 1 to 3dB. This amplifier is perfect when you just need a little boost in your system and is turn on at specific settings. Typical Gain is 15 to 18dB with Saturated Power at 34.5 dBm min. I/O VSWR is 2.0:1. The amplifier operates with +11.5 to 15VDC at 1.0 Amps max. over -20 to +71 degrees C. Size: 4.38x2.82x1.26 inches (LxWxH). Click here for Data Sheet