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Gain Control-Detector Amplifier MFM

Originally designed for radar and microwave test instrumentation, these Gain Control Detector Amplifier Multi-Function Modules (MFM) provide the gain control, amplification, and detection for an integrated automatic level control (ALC) function, all within a single package. The functions of voltage controlled gain, amplification and detection can be specified in any order as may be desired by the system designer in order to minimize noise figure or maximize overall dynamic range. The amplification inserted either ahead of or after the voltage controlled attenuation, for example. The analog control provides for more fine-grain variation than that available from digital control. As an alternative to having to specify and integrate multiple single functions components. These MFM have reduced size, improved performance and eliminate the headaches with VSWR and internal-function connections. Removable SMA connectors provide for coaxial or printed circuit board applications. Internal voltage regulation allows use with a wide range of DC supply voltages. These MFM are available in various frequency bands from 2GHz to 18GHz. Typical specifications for an X-band version: Minimum Gain is 10.5 dB with I/O VSWR of 1.5:1, 1 dB Pout is +23.0 dBm min. Noise Figure is 5.0dB max. DC power of +12.0 VDC at 150mA typ. Gain Control: 20 dB with current 0-4mA typ. Voltage Detector (Vdet) in mV set to customer specifications. Module size without connectors: .89x.74x.22 inches (LxWxH). Click HERE for Data Sheet.