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Performance and value engineered to spec.

Microwave Solutions’ customer service is exceptional, we uphold quality service by providing close attention to customers’ needs, and offering special service. All MSI products carry a one-year factory limited warranty unless otherewise agreed upon.

Return Material Authorization Policy

Products returned to MSI for repair, whether warranty or not, require a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number. These can be obtained by calling MSI (619-474-7500 or 1-800-9MSI-AMP)  during normal business hours and asking for an RMA number or submitting the the information below. Before contacting MSI with questions about the unit, please have the following information available so we will be able to better serve you:

A) Transportation shall be prepaid. Units returned freight collect or without authorization will not be accepted. Such authorization requests should be directed to MSI customer service at (619) 474- 7500.

B) Original product identification markings must not be removed, defaced, or altered. and the product must not have been subjected to abuse, improper installation or application, alteration, or negligence in use, storage, transportation or handling.

C) Return units will undergo complete test and evaluation. Replacements and/or repair will be determined only after MSI has determined the cause of the failure. All units returned are subject to a nominal evaluation fee when: 1) The units meet full specifications and do not require repair, or 2) After evaluation, non-warranty repairs are not authorized by the customer.

D) MSI is not responsible for failures due to excessive stresses caused by rough handling or overload during test or installation at the user's location; nor will MSI be responsible for damage caused by improper operation or faulty power supplies. Factory return inspection techniques can usually sort out latent defects from excessive voltages and currents with respect to credit or non-credit.

Every precaution is used at the factory to insure that every product meets all electrical and mechanical specifications prior to shipment. Buyer, by his issuance of a purchase order or similar instrument, accepts this warranty. The applicable laws of the state of California shall be used for interpretation and adjudication of this warranty and related work order or purchase agreement, venue to be San Diego County, California.

Send returned product to the following address:

Microwave Solutions, Inc.
3200 Highland Ave

Suite 300

National City, CA 91950

Ref: RMA #


*MSI Model #:







Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Please fill out the information below and submit.

An MSI representative will send you an RMA #, warranty condions and instruction. * Required Fields

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