The model numbers below are only a fraction of what is available at Microwave Solutions Inc. and are intended to demonstrate capabilities. Please do not hesitate to contact Microwave Solution’s sale applications department to discuss customized solutions, many without any development costs or impact to delivery.


·         Octave and Multioctave Bandwidths

·         Threaded Connectors, Waveguide, and Gold Plated Kovar Pin Termination Available

·         Internally Regulated

·         Reverse Polarity Protection

·         Optional Temperature Compensation

·         Standard Aluminum or Flatpack  Packages Available for most models

·         Unconditionally stable


·         Test Systems & Setup

·         EW Systems

The amplifiers listed below can be customized to meet customer's specific requirements. Specifications are listed at 25°C unless otherwise specified. Usable operating case temperature is -55 to+85°C available. Standard connectors are SMA-F(I/O) waveguide connectors available upon request and may require additional cost.